Gamer central welcome if there no bodies have i have done my job

hey i wonder does anyone know where my body is i thought it was around here ...

hey quick update
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well folks

check this site out when ya get hte chance casue that my workwebsite


funny video
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this is funny and yet true cause they mess up on orders all the time.


3 words folks
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it at a music store S%S music

hehe update later


new pictures
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hey guys got new pics!!!

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there alot of people here
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it been kinda qiuet latly so i havn't updated as much but oh well right? i am surround by people andrew's cousins are here, 2 young kids sound like the two weeks should be fun. I like tehm one a gamer and the girl i don't know. I am doing goood though still gaming and playing wow i am part of hte family " guild" as we like to call it. I havn't found a job yet but oh well i can;t blame it right now it summer and for that matter i don't care were going ot go camping ( i have never been camping before) i have yet to see how things will turn out for me come fall but as we know of me i have teh best luck of all ;)

much love all,

update a plenty
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hey all,

well lets begin what to start with here, oh andy home after 4 days we went to go get him and was he hiper ( mostly to get out of that place) so everything ok in our little world. He happy and gaming again( he calls it the prison..) but like we said to him you gotta try right...?

i appiled at walmart and a few places here hoping just hopeing to find a job if not im qiuet content how i am today. Almost got a job at a factory it was soooo close but it ok and i know i will find something soon. i be sure top update soon now i have to go i have a furnal to attend with andy's mom side ( i do not like crowds) and i'll update soon.

much love to all and haea good day!
Sarah and andy

at a standstill
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well after last night i heard from andy, i never heard him so misarable. But what bothering me here about this whole thing is that i wanna help him. I have no idea how, i should be by his side and telling him it ok, right i try to and i don't want ot pester him or he get mad at me, he wants to drop govner's school, i can see why then again i want ot help his parents as well making sure i do wat i think is right. i am so confused on waht the heck im a supposed be doing at this point, cause im his g/f right, the one who he comes ot and says everything ok, it alright and nothing bad going ot happen. well in this case i can't casue i know the conquenses if he does come home and i don't want him in any pain.

What i am truly afraid of is that if things get bad im gonna get kick out of the house. I know this won't happen or Andy for that matter, so i jsut lost wher the heck i am suppose stand on this whole matter, any advise would be good

im gonna eat now

Majes i did your request
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Chapter 23
“ Nako? Where are you? I can’t see…” Sutter’s a half awake Soka and fumble with find her way out of the tent she was in earlier.
“ Soka? “ Shadow stands up and users her out to the campfire.
“ What the… I wasn’t sure that was you. Sorry what making you stay up this late.” She asks him as a harmless question.
“ I wasn’t sure you knew yet, You see me and Nako were talking earlier. I was afraid I asked him about something disterbuing. Care to fill in for me?” Shadow says as he comes closer.
“ Shadow?” I wasn’t aware he did talk to someone. What going on? I mean.., what ..” Soka says concered.
“ Before I say a thing, you have to know yes, our past isn’t great and I was a jerk ok. I can’t really say I am proud of what I did and for that fact I did say something to things you and it hurt you. For that I am very sorry you have to give the credit Sonshi had me under control, and I wasn’t myself. There a vison you saw, can you tell me about it?” Shadow says wholeheartly.
“ He told you? I guess then you aren’t mad?” Soka asks him
“ No, I promise you no, please go ahead and let me know what you saw.” Shadow feeling his crystal starting to glow.
“ I saw my own death, this caused it, it was taken out of me. I saw you provoking Nako to do it. I… don’t know how or why for that matter. Why is that I am the one he wants.” Soka looks over at Nako sleeping and then at Shadow.
“ Man I wished now my memories wouldn’t fail me. Like I said there is some people who are more powerful then others. You happen to be one of them, Soka; just how you are is a wild guess. Look I know you have issues, and I don’t blame you for not trusting me. I changed though and I know I will make up for what I did to you. That I promise.” Shadow hears someone in the bushes behind him as he finishes.
“ Who there!” Soka blurts out.
“ Just get behind me and wake up the others ok?” Shadow orders her to do.
“ Nako! “ Soka franticly tries to wake Nako
“ Wha… Soka? You look like a ghost came.” Nako say groggy.
“ Hey there someone here, you go to check this out. I don’t know who it is.” Soka says while he brings out there weapons.
“ Stay here, I am going get the others,” Nako says to Soka with a hug and a kiss.
“ Shadow… what going on here you turn on me. Trust me that something your going to regret.”
Then in the background, Soka tries to fight off her captures.
“Nako! Where are you?”
“What? You’re coming with me! Where are the others?” The man holding her says
“ What, I don’t know. Please just trust me.” Soka says as she tries to bluff her way out of this.
“Lequa it nothing go back to sleep. “ Angel says half awake.
“ No, it not I better go see what going on. I don’t think Shadow and Nako be up and roaming if it wasn’t big.” He says grabbing his staff and Kissing angel for safety.
“ Nako! What going on?” Lequa look over to find that Nako in frantic mode.
“ I don’t know where Shadow or Soka is, and what makes this worse it that, something isn’t right I think we were followed.” Nako sees someone and Kia flying out of a bush.
“ I think this might be bad, why do you think you were followed? I mean it not like anyone saw your faces right? “ Lequa finally clicks together what happens.
“ The merchant! He told em, great I don’t know how but he must have told someone about us.” They run towards Kia and he finishes.
“ Kia you ok? I didn’t see you, what going on!” Nako looks at him and then hears screaming in the back.
“ That…. Angel!” Lequa runs back to his wife and rips open the tent. To she gone.
“ This can’t be good, I don’t know what going on but I know this. I think Sonshi has something to do with this.” Nako looks over then feel Soka arua.

“ Just how did you find us! Leave Angel out of this is mine and Nako matter!” Soka says trying to not to harm Angel. Soka look He say’s her capture while over at Angel and see how she holding up.
“ Why or how? My lord wants you, and from what I hear you’re the one that he wants the most. “ Her capture says in a evil voice
“ Angel? You ok?” Soka asks concerned about her heath.
“ Yeah I am, im not mad at ya just them you didn’t do anything ok?” Angel says to her to get her to calm down.
“ Where Lequa? I mean he with Nako right?” Soka asks concerned.
“ I hope so, if there not on their way they be in trouble if they didn’t come. Lequa better come get me! “ As she say’s this she say’s something and her ropes comes free.
“ Angel there no way I no we can take them! I mean there what 2 or 3 times stronger.. I don’t think this will work.” Soka says as Angel get her loose.
“ It will…” Soka follows her and see where the two men are. Then she turns to see two people in the bushes and then her husband.
“ That.” Soka starts to say before getting muffled.
“ I rather us not be seen or heard, I know I think it time to run. “ She finishes and starts to run.
“ Are you nuts!” Soka asks her in confused tone?
“ Just a little, but it helps I have to put up with Lequa I have to be insane. “ She says as she runs in Lequa arms.
“ Nako! Man what the world happened? Who were those people? “ Soka says almost crying into his arms.
“ Nako? Guys you ok? I had a friend to take care of, those two are ok right?” Shadow asked confused.
“ Yeah, Angel saved us. I know I owe a lot to her, she gifted.” Soka says as thanks to her for what she did.
“ No, problem I show you how to do that once we get settled in. I know my children need to follow us.” Angel says to both of them.
“ You have children? “ They all ask
“ Yeah, 2 girls, but for now let’s get some sleep. I think we had enough excitement for the night.” Lequa motions everyone to bed while he stay up for guard.
“ You couldn’t sleep huh Nako?” Lequa says to him as a starter to get him to open up.
“ Yeah, I want to help Soka to open up and get over her fears. What bothers me about this is that I am her husband and yet she hiding things from me. I have to sit by and hope she tells me what going on.” Nako says to him to see if he relates to him.
“ I know, Soka needs time, it not that she holding back she don’t know what she is or for that matter, what she can do. Nako the best thing for now that I can tell you is love and give her the time she needs to find out what going on. I promise this will work out on both of your parts, her and yourself. “ As Lequa finishes he looks over at Soka.
“ Why is she not telling me things that are scaring her? I can make her better and I am willing to what it takes to make her change.” Nako looks over Soka then at the ground.
“ She will, she can’t right now, she has to come a choice. Take what been giving to her and learn from it, or lose what about happen. It quite bad to hear but I know she will make the right choice. She taking the right steps though I think in the end she will come to a good choice.” Lequa leaves Nako to his post and heads to wife side.
“ What wrong?” Angel says half awake.
“ Nothing, why?” Lequa responses back.
“ It weird huh, looks like the past it reliving itself. It weird watching them, they so remind me of us when we were young. “ Angel says as she snuggles besides Lequa.
“ I know, they face a great challenge ahead but there overcome it I know.” Lequa says as they fall asleep.

Home making

The group awakes early the next day ready to start construction on the new town. Everyone except Angel and Lequa goes to look for materials and loosen them up and chop down trees. The groups watch Angel while she is summoning the materials. Watching every word she says and every movement she makes. Then Lequa shows them how to build a house.
“It isn’t very tough. All you have to do is visualize it and have all the materials. Then say Houmes dego! and the material will form the house exactly how you want. Here you guys give it a try with your houses.”
“All right,” Nako says, “You ready Soka? It’s going to be yours too you know.”
“Ya,” Soka replies.
“Ok Here it goes. Houmes dego!”

i know the word bittersweet
me and andy

well i have learned the meaning of bittersweet:

since it was andy's last dasy home we went ot the lake and had a blast. I got ate by fishes, htey want to eat me, yes they hurt so i layed out most of the time. Them came home and spent the rest of the night laying in andy arms for what seem is going a long time before i can see him again ( i mean like lay in his arms and sleep there and not have ot take him back to the collage) man it was hard that knowing that after this i am going be on my own and more of a chance ot see what i hve ot think aobut.

i told andy to get me up when he did, casue i need ot be in his arms for awhile and be assured that he know how i feel. Once his mom got up i knew it was going be a fun day. I just held waht i could in and not show any of it, cause if i did it would be a bad thing. about noon we left and dear god i am misarable, not letting them see that of course i hid most of it, im just like that i don't want anyone to see my pain. After getting him moved in it hits hard, i am alone again. I hate to be alone, it hurts and days are gonna go by slow. I didn;t want ot leave him, really i didn't i did though it hurt like a mother but i did it. i cryied on the way home, hoping no one saw me. i did get to talk ot him while i was riding back ( we have our own way) after i get my chores done or waht i could i was wiped i talked to him over the phone, he sounded so misarable i never heard him like that. it must of taken him alot to walk away from us and see me crying. i did sleepi hate my brain it screams at me i finished ice trays changed into my sleepware and tried to sleep, it work after about a hour.

i can't wait until sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


funny animals pictures
vegeta 2
hey all,

below are funny pictures what wer got of Majes and tala and the other pets around the hosue the ginua pig name is leo. HE's becky's and if ya need me ot explain kiet me knwo ok?

Majes and Tala's silliness behind hereCollapse )


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